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We have worked intensly to create a keg that is always secure keg on the move: during its shipment and filling, to when it is left unsupervised outside the pub and also when in is disposed of.

The TRUEKEG is delivered without any internal pressure and it de-pressurises comfortably once the despesing head is disconnected. All the security information is provided on the handle and bottom-cover.

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TrueKeg guarantees the traceability of all its components. Through the MRP and SAP technology it is possible to go back to the production lot at any moment.


The STRUCTURE of two compartments ( one for the beverage and one for the thrust gas) preventing any interaction between the liquid and gas. Not only does this allow the keg to be connected to the dispesing system for longer, whilst also reducing the cost of the task: it is actually possible to use compressed air instead of C02.

The food-grade inner bag protects the beverage from direct light and prevents the los of CO2 and the permeation of the oxygen. As a result all the aroma and fragrances of the beverage remain unchanged till the last drop.

NO WASTEAGE the dispesing method with inner bag allows every last drop in the keg to be poured .

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With a weight of only 1kg and elonagted shape, it makes the kegs extremely light (even when full). Easier to move compared to a traditional steel keg.

Optimum stackability

The shape of the TrueKeg has been optimisted to make stacking more efficient. Up to 60 kegs can be stacked on one pallet divided in stacks of 20.

Weight: 1kg, diameter:240mm, volume:25L, height: 700mm, Kegs per pallet: 45 per standard ISO1 pallet and 60 per standard ISO2 pallet

Standard dispesing valve

TrueKeg uses a standard international Sankey system. It can therefore be used in any existing dispensing system without changing or modifying any of the components. This solution allows the pub to have more and consequently give more variety to the consumer. A great range of products.

Freshness seal

The freshness seal protects the keg and highlights possible tampering. All the characteristics of the product can be written onto it.

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Completely recyclable and ecological

The use of high quality plastic materials allows the TrueKeg to be recyclable and adaptable for new products another advantage for the environment: the inner bag was created to be able to use compressed air instead of CO2.
No need to return empty kegs: which means a significant decrease in pollution due to transport and a complete elimination for the need of water, chemical products and detergents used to clean kegs.

The used kegs can be compressed thanks to a small instrument created by TrueKeg

personalisation of the label

Because presenting yourself well helps.
The keg can be labelled over a large surface by means of adhesive labels that are perfectly adherent. This allows high quality personalisation at the client’s request, making the keg instantly noticeable and guaranteeing maximum visibility for the company producing the draft beverages.

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